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Your guide to Netigate’s new platform with Erik Terzi

November 19, 2020 13:00 - 15:00

Erik Terzi
Erik Terzi Technical Project Manager at Netigate

The new Netigate platform is here! After two years of development and six months in beta, we are now launching our new and improved platform for all customers. You can learn more and follow along with Erik Terzi.

Erik Terzi, our internal expert, will teach you how to use—and get the most out of—new Netigate. This event will be especially valuable for existing customers who want to learn more about the updated platform.

Topics covered:

  • Editing mode in new Netigate
  • Distribution methods and differences between them in Classic v. New Netigate
  • Reporting and analysis in new Netigate: how to create reports, share report links, and an introduction to new features
  • Tips and tricks for getting to grips with the new features and platform design

You can decide for yourself if you would like to log into Netigate during the webinar, and follow along with Erik. This isn’t a requirement, however, and Erik will share his screen while walking you through the different parts of the platform, from creating a survey to arranging your reports.

About Erik Terzi

Erik Terzi is a Technical Project Manager here at Netigate and is responsible for online training sessions. He also works on integration projects where complex solutions are required. He knows the Netigate platform inside out and will share his knowledge with you in this webinar!

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