Netigate API(Application Programming Interface) Integrations

Are you looking for API Integration? Netigate has APIs that allow you to build custom data integrations that can adapt your workflows. Save time by automating your feedback flows. If surveys are sent out automatically, it makes it easier to collect immediate feedback from respondents and gives you greater opportunity to act on it immediately. Access and integrate Netigate in other applications.

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The Netigate REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Netigate in other applications, saving you time by automating your feedback flows. The most common uses of our API includes adding respondents to an existing send-out, creating new send-outs, showing survey results and updating respondents lists. Read our API documentation to discover more possibilities.
It’s not another system
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Insights will make an impact
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Accelerate your automation Journey
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“The Netigate API gives us the possibility to work with feedback management in a structured and time efficient way”.


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