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Recorded Digital Connect 2021

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Connect the dots between Employee Experience and Customer Experience

Happy employees lead to happy customers, and this is the key to sustainable business success. If you are invested in managing and improving the experiences that matter to your business, this is for you.

The 16th of June Netigate Connect took place. You can access the recordings by filling out the form.

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Speaker lineup:

Mikkel Drucker
Chief Executive Officer at Netigate
Mikkel is passionate about how employee experience drives customer experience. He has extensive experience building tech companies and is a former Trustpilot executive.
Catherine de la Poer
Founder of Halcyon Coaching Ltd
Catherine is a leadership coach with over 20 years experience, and emotional intelligence forms the centrepiece of her coaching approach.
Kristine Hofer Næss
Chief Customer Officer at Amesto
Kristine is an Experienced IT/tech and services industry leader with a background in high performing and dynamic organisations.
Rainer Schätzlein
Rainer Schätzlein
Managing Director Netigate Deutschland GmbH
Sociologist & market researcher since 20 years. With Netigate since 2016. Rainer is passionate about helping organizations to optimize their relation to employees and customers.
Astrid Brink
Astrid van den Brink Erlandsson
Chief Services Officer
Has extensive experience working with data and analysis. With Netigate since 2016. Astrid is passionate about the possibility behind insights. It inspires her to help customers make wise, data-driven decisions for change.
Henrik Ceder
Chief Product Officer at Netigate
Henrik has an extensive product background, and has held various local and global leadership roles in product management, go-to-market, and portfolio management.
Sophie Hedestad Connect Event Netigate
Sophie Hedestad
Moderator and Chief Marketing Officer at Netigate
Sophie will be our host and guide throughout the afternoon of discussions.