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Brand new Quick Analysis is a game changer for Netigate customers

November 30, 2021

Stockholm, 30th November 2021 – Netigate, one of Europe’s leading providers of feedback management, has expanded its offering with intelligent new reporting functionality. An extension of the existing Netigate report function, Quick Analysis allows users to get instant insights into their customer and employee feedback data.


Quick Analysis is the newest innovation in a period of rapid growth and development for Netigate. Following a rebranding and comprehensive platform update last year, this new release is a continuation of the company’s drive to bring more powerful functionality and usability to customers.

‘We are transforming our offering here at Netigate, with a vision to building an increasingly intelligent platform that can give our customers immediate, actionable insights,’ says Henrik Ceder, Chief Product Officer at Netigate.

Key elements of Quick Analysis:

  • Highest and lowest-ranking questions
  • Enhanced NPS visualisation, rankings, and comparisons
  • NPS benchmarking
  • Action planning and tracking segment with the Netigate platform

‘Many companies believe they’re delivering a superior experience, while few of their customers and employees would agree. This is called the experience gap, and the only way to correct it is to identify what drives the chasm in the first place. Quick Analysis has been designed to help businesses do this more swiftly.’

‘With Quick Analysis, businesses are immediately able to identify the areas where they are underperforming in the eyes of their customers or employees. This is important because speed is of the essence, especially when it comes to managing negative feedback. On a more practical level, the intelligent and fast nature of Quick Analysis means that administrative time is freed up for users, allowing them to start putting insights to work sooner,’ continues Henrik.

This is just beginning for Quick Analysis. Netigate will continue to work on new iterations of the solution, with plans to bring users more features like pivot analysis and additional benchmarking capabilities, for example, in the next version.

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