Text Analysis is an AI-powered part of the existing Netigate report function that can analyse huge amounts of text data quicker than a human would. It can sort through and categorise thousands of open-text answers, giving you actionable insights without the hard work.

Download to find out how Text Analysis can take your feedback processes to the next level and help you to work in a smarter, faster, and more cost-effective way.

What’s inside:

  • An overview of what Text Analysis is and how it works
  • Tips for writing good open-ended questions (that will get you good open-text answers)
  • How it helps you to understand the ‘why’ behind numerical data.
  • How to apply Text Analysis to different EX and CX metrics.
  • How to use Text Analysis to uncover attitudes towards your brand.
  • How Text Analysis can be used to instantly spot trends, patterns, and key topics.
  • How Topics will help you to group your answers for faster, more targeted action.