On 14 February it is time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This joyful day is all about love, affection and friendship and many people around the world see Valentine’s Day as a special day to express one’s love for another. But Valentine’s Day is not celebrated equally around the world – in Finland it’s called Friend’s Day and is about celebrating friendship. And in South Korea it is tradition that women spoil their men on Valentine’s Day with chocolate gifts, but they are treated in return​ one month later on the so called White Day, when they receive gifts from their men. This infographic illustrates in a fun way how Americans celebrate. In Sweden, the tradition is very influenced by the American way of celebrating and has become very popular especially among the younger generations who call it “Alla Hjärtans Dag” – #allheartsday

All hearts’ day

In the All Hearts’ Day survey we asked respondents who they want to woo on Valentine’s Day. The results include a great number of different suggestions, from girlfriends and partners to horses and co-workers. We can see that the top 3 people we want to celebrate are:

  1. Spouse/Partner
  2. Children
  3. Other family members

I will clean the house!

The ways we express our love and affection are so varied that it is hard to summarize them, but the most popular methods seem to be dinner and roses. Other mentioned examples of showing love and affection could be to tidy the house or to compose a romantic song.

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The winner

The jury has appointed Antoinette van Ketwich winner in the competition with the short motivation: ”Showing love to your beloved one´s is what Valentine’s Day is all about and the smallest ways of showing your love are often the most appreciated. Sending a letter to all your grand children on All Hearts’ Day telling them how much they mean is a symbol of true love.”

The winner will be contacted separately.