Reach out to consumers and the public with a market research through our collaboration with Cint

Since a few years we co-operate with Cint to give our customers the possibility to conduct their own online market research in the form of opinion polls, campaign or concept testing, PR inquiries or any other survey that gives them insight about how to act, improve and develop their company or organisation.

Cint is a Swedish software company who has developed a platform for connecting online panels and offer the possibility to buy answers from online panellists, to do for instance market research. Netigate has a direct connection to Cint that offers you the opportunity to reach out to specific targets groups that are often difficult to reach through existing data bases, CRM systems or e-mail lists.

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What do online market research and opinion polls imply?

The goal of an opinion poll is to gather the public opinion about a specific topic. It can for example be about attitudes, knowledge or expectations. Online market research is similar to opinion polls but with the difference that the respondents are most often approached in a commercial purpose. One example of a target group commonly sought after by our customers is a national representative selection divided on gender, age and region. This gives an adequate image of the public opinion in a specific country. If you want to reach a more limited target group, for example car owners in a specific city, this is also possible. A smaller survey before launching a new product may require a lower number of respondents to give enough basic data to get a good interpretation. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding how many respondents you need for your kind of research!

Why conduct market research?

Deeper knowledge helps you make better everyday decisions. Market research helps you get a solid decision basis to be able to further develop your products or to communicate more efficiently with your customers. It is commonly used in for example advertising, PR, events or other communication strategies.

Some of the most common ways to use answers from panelists

Product evaluations

Product evaluations can be performed on existing customers using for example their e-mail addresses, but if you do not have a direct commection to your customers, answers from panelists in your target group can be a great way to find out how a product is experienced and what can be improved. Questions that are usually asked are for example what motivates them to buy the product – is it features such as price, appearance, taste or perhaps geographical availability? The respondent can be asked to rank the most important factors and the results can be broken down on parameters such as age, gender or other background factors.

Target group analysis

A target group analysis is often focused on people’s behavior without any connection to the product. In what patterns does the target group move, where and what time of day do they prefer to purchase? The purpose of the analysis is to gain knowledge of people’s needs and behavior rather than usage of the specific product. Would you like to know exactly what type of persons that buy your product? Answers from panelists are also used to discover if there are even more potential target groups than the obvious one. Maybe you can reach out to additional groups with just small modifications?

Expand to new countries and markets

Expanding to a new country always implicates a challenge. A requirement analysis is a good way to understand what demands are associated to your products or services. Market research gives a good understanding of the new market’s buying behavior and values.

Trade mark analysis – how is your brand perceived?

Most companies have an idea of how they want their brand to be perceived among customers, partners and other stakeholders. How well does this idea match the reality? With a trade mark analysis you can ask a population about perceptions regarding your trade mark.

PR surveys

Several PR agencies and marketing departments successfully work with opinion research to collect material for different PR activities. Using results from opinion research in the right manner is a punchy tool for creating news that can give your company attention and recognition.

Guidelines for market research

In order to maintain trust for market research there are certain guidelines to follow. When it comes to survey design, the company logotype should for example be avoided in the survey and the company name should not be mentioned anywhere. Please contact us for more information about market research!

How do you find out people’s opinions?

What challenges and possibilities do you see with working with panelists for market research? Do you want to share your success story? Feel free to discuss this further in the comment section below, or contact us today!