It’s all about insight.

Netigate was founded on the belief that knowledge is the key to success. From the start we have focused on simplifying decision making for our customers. We believe that the best way to gain insight is to ask the source for information. Simple enough? We think that it should be too. When it comes down to it, it is really just to ask the questions to those who have the answer. Our mission at Netigate is clear: we want everyone to have the possibility to gain important knowledge and make better business decisions. Welcome to the Netigate Community!

In less than ten years, we have grown from a small software company to a leading European provider of online survey software solutions, acting on large parts of Europe.

1500 customers
More than 30 000 registered users
More than 20 million answered surveys
More than 200 million individual answers


With Netigate, our customers have gained more than 200 million insights, each and everyone contributing to better business decisions and improvement of business processes.

With our new community, we want to create a meeting place for all our Netigate users to share insights, best practices and knowledge with each other. The community is also the place to get inspired, find information and learn from others about how to make better online surveys.

Bu why is it so important to make better surveys? Simply because the relationship you have with your customers, employees and other partners is constantly evolving. By improving the way you ask for information through surveys and how you handle feedback within your organization, you can develop your relationships, improve your business processes, customize your offer and, in the long run, increase revenues and profitability.

Welcome to the Netigate community.

Lars Lindberg

Marketing Director at Netigate AB