You are well aware that there is growing competition within your area of business and you realise that the best way to keep your customers is to keep them happy. How do you know if they are happy or if they are about to leave you before the end of this month? Well, if you don´t, it´s about time you do something about it before it gets too late.

The image shows an abandoned shopping cart in field symbolising the issues surrounding churn customers.
Winning new customers can be done with clever and generous marketing campaigns. Winning customers back is harder. In fact, winning them back is even harder than working to keep the ones that you already have. Keeping customers can be done in many ways, like emails with automatic renewal of contracts – “press here to renew your contract” or “renew your contract within 10 days and get a free….”
A lot of times strategies like the above would help you keep your customers. But sometimes not. This is why, in cases of customer churn, you need to carefully investigate what has gone wrong and act upon it, to prevent it from happening again in the future. A customer churn survey is the best way to do this.

So what is a customer churn survey and why is it so important?

A survey can point to different things that may cause customer churn. If you find it difficult to know if you are asking the right questions or even if you are asking the questions in the right way, turn to a professional survey company. Netigate offers some very popular and appreciated services. You can form your customer churn survey by taking advantage of their experience and professional knowledge and ultimately gain insight about shortcomings in areas like the sales process, service level or value.
Measuring customer churn and identifying the reasons for it can easily be done by asking the customers leaving you why they have made this decision.

Phrase your questions carefully and avoid accusing your former customers. That is not going to bring them back but will more likely make them talk badly about your company. Not good. Thus, you need to be very honest – your intentions are to make things better, and this is why you are asking them for help.
A customer churn survey is not a way to win back the customers you´ve lost, but a powerful tool to keep the ones you still have. As a final tip, make sure to incorporate your churn survey into your overall feedback strategy by using a VoC software or customer survey software.