Churn Management

What are churn surveys?

Competition in most markets is fierce and your best customers could be suddenly gone. Increasing churn rates are a huge threat to many companies. To avoid the risk of customers, you can start by asking lost customers why they changed supplier.

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How can churn surveys help your organisation?


By measuring your customer churn, you can easily follow the trends and act upon solid facts to decrease your churn rates. It is easier and cheaper to retain an existing customer than go prospecting for new ones. However, it is one thing to know about customer retention strategies, but another to actually measure them effectively. It is important to conduct churn surveys and at Netigate we really believe it should be easy to just jumpstart one.

Get started with an easy-to-use solution


Our churn survey is a set of questions chosen by our experienced research consultants. It contains what most companies want to cover in a churn survey and of course the questions can be adjusted for your specific needs. This means that your first step can be to start using our existing churn survey questions and you can modify the questions for a better fit to your organisation.

Do you want to learn more about churn management surveys, how you can benefit from measuring your churn rate and how to increase your customers’ loyalty and satisfaction?

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