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About Circle K

Circle K has nearly 500 petrol and diesel outlets in Norway. This network is made up of different types of stations – from small local providers with a few fuel pumps to major service stations with a wide range of services and goods. Circle K has a leading position as a supplier of fuel and other energy products to the transportation industry, agriculture and industry. In addition to fuel and basic car servicing, the majority of Circle K’s stations also offer fresh food and groceries.

The Challenge

Circle K conducts frequent market analysis to ensure that we always have the “pulse” of the market. At the same time, we have succeeded in establishing a loyalty programme and thus have accumulated a large customer database. We wanted feedback from these, our most loyal customers. In order to do this efficiently, we needed the right tool for sending and managing surveys. After evaluating several tools, the natural choice was Netigate. In summary, our challenge was that we did not have a structured process for obtaining feedback from the members of our loyalty programme.

The Solution

We primarily use Netigate to collect feedback from our customers but also for in-house employee surveys. As an example, we integrated Netigate Feedback Station which enables us to collect feedback every time a customer visits one of our stations.

We use Netigate to gather feedback within 3 main areas:


  • Trigger based and continuous feedback at a station level.
  • Trigger after completed purchased at one of our stations.


  • Feedback related to the brand, subcategories and keywords.
  • Example – Carwash in Sweden and launching Circle K in Norway and Sweden.

Ad hoc module

  • Used for specific areas where we need greater insight.
  • Example – Evaluation of “sausage for a tenner” and “Miles Plus” in Sweden.

This is how Netigate helped us:

1. Do-it-yourself tools
2. Quick and easy user setup
3. Panel administration
4. Easy to get reports and analysis
5. Excellent and speedy support
6. Different systems can be connected directly to Netigate (API solutions)
7. Platform for respondents customized with great professional design

The Results

We gained concrete feedback from our customers and their opinion on the rebranding of Statoil and the launch of the Circle K brand. The detailed feedback gave us a lot of specific comments, good advice and constructive opinions on how we can develop.

Situational customer feedback gives us more hands-on and concrete feedback, that we can then use in our daily operations. It's not about making big, radical changes that cause sales to jump by 20%, even small adjustments can mean a lot. It's about having a tool the stations can use in their daily work to continuously make improvements. This becomes a part of a system that manages behaviour and measures results.

Immediate feedback helps to increase awareness and focus among our store employees, while also making it much easier for our executives to follow up and be "close to"action plans and best practice. Together, this creates results. Station managers, employees, regional managers and other parts of the organization have really embraced this.