Measure customer satisfaction and maximize your profitability

whitepaper Measure customer satisfaction and maximize your profitability

Measuring customer satisfaction with a CSAT survey tool is a great way to get to know your customers better. Also, many research reports show that customer satisfaction has a clear and measurable effect on how well a company actually performs. It is proven that companies with a high level of customer satisfaction generate greater returns than companies with lower levels of customer satisfaction.*

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Get full control of your customer’s needs with action-based customer satisfaction surveys

Most companies conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey, which of course is great. But many of these companies could gain more insight by thinking a little differently. Sending out short action-based customer satisfaction surveys at selected customer touchpoints, gives you the advantage to immediately be able to act when a customer likes or dislikes something about your product, service or support.

There are two clear benefits to this approach:

  • Customers will be more inclined to respond as the survey is highly relevant and connects to the latest interaction.
  • You increase the significantly the likelihood of the company to retain the customer. As your company has an excellent opportunity to act on the responses whether the customer is happy or unhappy.

But how can we work efficiently if we receive feedback more or less every day? Doesn’t it take up a lot of time and internal resources at the company? True, but this is exactly why companies should design a structure that enables the right person or persons to be notified, depending on the response given by the customer.

Measure your customer loyalty with NPS surveys

A good example is a result from an NPS survey that divides customers into three categories based on their answers to the question, ”How likely is it that you would recommend our company?” on a scale from zero to ten. With an automatic process, the customer’s reply is automatically sent to the responsible person to follow up on it. We need to set up a smart process for gathering our customers’ feedback.

NPS helps to evaluate customer satisfaction

Customer feedback is a key factor for success

We need to set up a smart process for gathering our customers’ feedback. The process must generate actions that you should follow up on without delay in order to ensure that no customers slip through the cracks. We have to stop thinking of customer surveys as a “once-a-year thing”. Instead continuously assess what our customers think by making surveys an integrated part of the overall customer experience. Action-based surveys is an easy and efficient way to improve your customer satisfaction levels.

*Henrik Larsson-Broman, Win/loss-analys som verktyg för ökad tillväxt [Win/loss analysis as a tool for increased growth] (2013), Prosales