The more knowledge about the customer the better

E-commerce offers great benefits when it comes to surveys. Most likely you have all the information needed to send the survey out via email or sms. You probably also have a lot of other important background factors such as gender, housing and age, plus information on which of your customers shop specific times of day and patterns in how much they spend in relation to which kind of products they buy.

Using this combined information in the results of e-commerce surveys enables you to start seeing patterns that eventually will help you start predicting what your customers want.

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How to use e-commerce surveys

Sending out a survey after every purchase has the best effect, but then it needs to be very short and concise. Many companies send out a longer annual survey because of time constraints and unwillingness to send many e-mails. The problem is that most people forget about their experience after a while. With today’s technology, the time factor is no longer an argument. Automatically event-driven surveys are quick and easy, and you get direct answers, meaning you can act faster on the results.

Examples of e-commerce survey questions

If you are choosing the shorter survey alternative, you should limit the questions to just a few. In many cases, just one is enough: How satisfied are you? Or the classic NPS-question: How willing are you to recommend us to a friend? Combine this the possibility to leave a comment.

Other examples of questions for e-commerce surveys could be:

  • How was your purchasing experience?
  • Did you find it simple to make your purchase
  • What do you think about the product information on our site?
  • What did you think about the delivery time?
  • Have you used your purchased product and, in that case, what did you think about it?

Just ask the relevant question and have a clear purpose for it. If you want more tips on how to write better survey questions, take a look at this article: Improve your surveys – seven quick steps to write better questions

Why should I survey my customers?

Evaluation through web-based surveys is the most cost-effective way to learn what customers think about you and gain insights about where you need to improve.Surveys show your customer that you care about their opinions, but they are also a great opportunity to create dialogue and bring them closer.

Shorter surveys more often with an automated system

If you have many purchases and want to be continuously updated, an automated system will save you a lot of time. It means that a survey is automatically sent out, triggered by a purchase. If you also want to be sure that the response reach the right person, the system simply sends it to different people at the company. This could depend on factors such as whether the customer gives a negative or positive response.