In this article, you will get some useful advice on how you can boost both the quality as well as the number of responses you have collected from your customer feedback survey. A good survey will give you high-quality data that you can use for improving your customer satisfaction levels. Anyone can put together a basic questionnaire and get a huge amount of irrelevant and useless responses. The difficult part is getting meaningful and useful feedback from the customers who need to be heard. In fact, this can be easily done by carrying out customer feedback form. Customer Feedback makes the world go round

3 tips to boost your Customer Feedback Form

Does your branding stick out? Use it!

When your customers recognise your brand and have an emotional connection to it, your respondents will take the time to give you more detailed responses and meaningful feedback, which means more accurate data for you to work with.

Make sure your survey is accessible!

Let’s face it – today, people are not willing to spend more than a couple of minutes on searching for or filling out anything online, let alone customer feedback forms. By making sure that your survey is easy to find and not complicated to fill out, you receive a higher volume of responses and your respondents will be more willing to put thought and effort into their responses. The more quality responses you receive, the more reliable the data you get. And that is exactly what you are after: reliable, actionable data!

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KISS! In this case, KISS means “Keep it short and simple”!

If you present a three-page long feedback form to your customers, you will send them running the other direction. A short survey will retain your respondents’ focus. Experts recommend a maximum length of 3-3.5 minutes; any longer, and many respondents may abandon the survey or just stop paying attention. By restricting the length of your survey you will get both higher response rate as well as higher quality feedback.

When it comes to deciding whether you should conduct personalised or anonymous surveys, it is really up to you. Experts are divided on this matter. Some claim that anonymity will give the respondents a chance to be completely open and honest whilst others say that anonymity will encourage trolls, keyboard warriors and maybe even your competitors to provide false and useless feedback. Others say that personalised surveys will give you accurate data from respondents you know have a relation to your company, and whose responses are therefore relevant to your business. You just have to decide which option you prefer and get started!

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