Why working with employee engagement forms isn´t hard at all

How to gather information about the dedication and engagement of employees may be a mystery to some. However, it remains a very important key in your work to improve this crucial part of your business.

If you find it difficult to know how to ask or even what to ask, turn to Netigate for professional guidance. Here you will receive the help you need to create employee engagement forms which is customised to your specific workgroup, asking exactly the right questions.

Let´s be honest, it all comes down to how your employees´ everyday experience is. Enthusiasm, as well as the opposite, is extremely contagious! If you just leave things be, thinking that as long as nobody complains they´re all happy, you will not come across as someone who aims to improve their work satisfaction, challenge them enough or ever allow them to grow, and in fact these are all important keys to employee engagement.

On the other hand, if you ask them regularly by letting them fill in a form or a questionnaire, you show them clearly that you are a responsible boss caring for the employees, a boss who wants people to do their best and who aims to provide the required conditions for this. And so, employee engagement begins to grow.

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employee engagement let them work together

Factors like leadership and organisational culture will decide what type of form suits your business best. Also, the complexity of the form will depend on how often do you intend to let your workers fill it in? Every month? Once a year? Both?
Netigate´s online platform service will help you put together the ultimate engagement form for your employees, taking into consideration what your goal is and what type of information you wish to gather from it. They will also help you analyse the results and identify improvement areas to increase the level of engagement among your employees. You can also try their special solutions for employee engagement, by the successful use of eNPS.

1. Would your employees recommend the company to a friend or acquaintance?
2. Do your employees feel that their knowledge is used in a good way?
3. Do your employees feel that they share the overall visions and goals of the company?
4. Do your employees feel that the manager adds value to their work?

Easy and straightforward questions which do not require much thought but maybe answered to fairly quickly are optimal in this context.
Efficiency is the new Good!