Therefore you need to involve and convince these three groups:

Involve the work council

A crucial role on the way to establish employee surveys as an inherent part of your daily HR work is to get the work council on board. Even though law requires it to inform and involve the employees’ representation anyway (consider § 81 and § 94 BetrVG). It is a big advantage to convince the work council of your ideas and aims. Basic requirement in this context is to insure data security and anonymity. Both can be realized as follows when working with a professional online-survey solution:

If you want to distribute your employee survey via email, the software solution should

  • generate a random link to the online questionnaire with no personal connection for each participant.
  • providing gathered feedback of the participants for further analysis without any link to the personal data (email-address).
  • anonymizing free-text-answers automatically.

Furthermore the data should be evaluated anonymously and the results should only be presented in aggregated mode.

Are you distributing the employee survey via open web link, this link is identical for each participant. It is therefore not possible to link the given answers to a certain participant. The only information visible is at what time the employee edited the questionnaire. Neither name nor IP-address are visible to the conductor of the survey.

In additions to participant’s anonymity it should be assured that the data will be saved, protected and processed according to existing law. In this context it is for example important, where your servers are located.

Besides data security and anonymity make clear that your organization will act on the gathered feedback to improve as an employer. If you succeed with convincing the working council. It will support the survey actively and help to reduce to doubts among the staff.

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Inform the employees

Once the working council is supporting the survey, employees will be more willing to participate it. You further increase acceptance by making goals transparent, by ensuring anonymity and voluntariness. After you complete the survey, you should present the results within the whole company. In addition inform them about which actions you will take.

Convince the management

Only if the management backs up the employee surveys, they will play an essential role and actions based on the results will be taken. Convince the management of the benefits and show how you can gain insights easily and efficiently by conducting shorter surveys habitually. You can also achieve commitment and participation by keeping the management constantly informed via live dashboards.

Finally, after you have built trust and achieved commitment of the employees and management and got the work council on board. All the groups will be engaged in the survey, you will get high participation and valuable feedback to improve your organisation.