Start softly

Focus on the soft and easy questions at the beginning of the survey so you don’t lose your respondent from the start. The longer you manage to keep them in the survey, the more value you create for the person answering. Consequently, they become less eager to leave and you can receive a good response rate even if you have a longer survey.

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Well-designed survey templates motivate people to answer

The overall impression of the surveys, how they are designed and the feeling they create is a part of the “picture” you provide of your brand. By putting some effort into the design, you create a higher value for the respondent. Therefore, increase their likelihood of answering the survey wholeheartedly.



How to motivate people to answer surveys

How to motivate people to answer surveys

Be innovative in your way of thinking. Who is included in your target audience and what could be interesting for them? Use triggers to catch their interest and focus primarily on what they can earn by answering the survey. It’s often necessary to use  carrots, especially when facing an audience that has no other reason to help you.

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Personalise your email send-outs

By adding personal information in your email message, you increase the possibility of the respondent answering your survey. It gives your survey a personal touch, makes the respondent feel important and increases the possibility they will answer your survey.

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Use panellists to get answers

If you don’t think you can get a high enough response rate or just don’t have any people to send the survey to, the easiest way to get answers is using panels. We offer integrated consumer research that enables you to conduct your own market research and makes market surveys even more comfortable. You gain access to 7 million panellists in 50 countries directly via Netigate using Cint Link.

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How do you work to increase the response rate in your surveys?

How do you work to increase the response rate in your surveys?

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