Lufthansa City Center

Lufthansa City Center

About Lufthansa City Center

Lufthansa City Center (LCC) has a network of owner-managed, medium sized travel agencies, which is among the biggest independent tour operator franchise systems in the world, with 650 franchise partners in more than 80 countries. There are about 300 travel agencies in Germany alone, employing over 2,500 people.

Worldwide more than 5,600 people are employed by Lufthansa City Center. Since it was founded in 1991, the global network has grown continuously with revenue in Germany of about 2.39 billion Euro (2014), which is split into 1.17 billion Euro from the tourism department and 1.22 billion Euro from the business travel department. Outside of Germany, the total revenue of the Lufthansa City Center international travel agency network amounts to 3.6 billion Euro.

The Challenge

Creating a customer questionnaire for quality assurance, that could be used worldwide in all travel agencies belonging to the Lufthansa City Center group.

  • Large amount of data that needed to be filtered and analysed – time-consuming in the past.
  • Analysis must reveal concrete opportunities for improvement, which can be forwarded to the individual travel agency.
  • Option to personalize the survey, e.g. to incorporate photos of employees.
  • Simple implementation of complex survey logics necessary.
  • Limited use of internal resources – time saving a priority.

The Solution

Since 2014 Lufthansa City Center has worked with Netigate on a global survey solution for its travel agencies all over the world.

  • Options to translate the questionnaire made easy and time-efficient.
  • Simple navigation and implementation due to logics, intuitive design and user friendliness.
  • Easy distribution possible via email; no additional solution necessary.
  • Reports can be shared easily with one click; individual reports for every single travel agency possible.
  • Quick internal feedback for management.
  • Interactive implementation with images, videos, etc.

Why Netigate?

Carla Blanc, responsible for quality assurance at Lufthansa City Center, explains why she chose to work with Netigate:

“With Netigate, we are investing in a professional solution, which makes our work in all task areas more efficient.

The analysis of data is done at the push of a button with Netigate and this saves us a lot of time and money. Both our travel agencies and our headquarters benefit from the opportunity to realize improvements quickly.”

The Results

70% increase in answers with Netigate’s solution.

Option to put a comprehensive campaign into action within a day; in comparison to taking over a week before Netigate.

Reporting and analysis took 30 minutes per report before Netigate; with Netigate the reporting is done by one mouse click within 5 minutes.

Savings of 80% per survey.

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