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Netigate Expert Board

Netigate has assembled a board of external experts, who are working together with us on the topic of employee experience.
Netigate Deutschland
Netigate in Germany

External Industry Experience and Expertise

Netigate is an international feedback company with thousands of customers worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to enable companies to understand their two most important assets: employees and customers.

At Netigate, we believe it's important to broaden our horizons and learn from people outside of our company. We have been able to add great personalities to our network of experts who are working with us on the topic of of employee experience.

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Our Expert Board

Catherine de la Poer
Catherine is a founder and leadership coach with more than 20 years of experience. Emotional intelligence is at the heart of her coaching approach.
Klaus D├╝rrbeck
Klaus is a partner of the Munich Leadership Group and focuses on the topics of training, consulting, coaching and transformation.
Mascha Will-Zolloch
Mascha is a professor of sociology of digitalisation of work and organisation and researches this change in the context of digitalisation.
Niklas Delmar
Niklas is an educator, communicator and strategist. He gives lectures and training courses on organisational, leadership, and employee development.
Rainer Scha╠łtzlein
Rainer Scha╠łtzlein

Your Contact at Netigate

Rainer Sch├Ątzlein heads the Professional Services DACH division at Netigate. He has been active in market research and empirical research for 20 years and primarily researches the topics of employee and customer satisfaction.

Expert Opinions

Catherine de la Poer Circle

Catherine on her expectations of the expert board

I've made it my mission to change the conversation about organisational value. We are moving towards a future where the emotional culture of investors is seen as as important as financial metrics of growth.

The partnership with Netigate offers great value and scope for further investigations in this area.
Klaus Duerrbeck Circle

Klaus on his expectations of the expert board

Excellence in each area is driven by collaboration between academics and practitioners; so I am very happy to work with interesting, bright minds.

My contributions will be practical insights into a variety of companies, as well as my personal curiosity about new topics in the field of EX.
Mascha Will-Zocholl Circle
Mascha Will-Zocholl Circle

Mascha on her expectations of the expert board

I expect a valuable exchange with an interdisciplinary perspective, especially with professionals who are close to their employees. I see my contribution primarily in scientific results and the introduction of open questions in the Netigate research areas.
Niklas Delmar Circle

Niklas on his expectations of the expert board

I want to create something together with smart and interesting people. The older I get, the more I understand that I don't understand anything.

I have the aspiration to work for us as a team in order to be able to bring different perspectives into the Netigate network.

Additional Resources

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