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Stop employee churn now - with Netigate

It's as simple as that: If your employees are satisfied and happy, they will not change their job. But how can you find out what the mood is like among your employees, teams and sites?

Our award-winning Netigate Employee Survey Tool enables you to constantly measure employee satisfaction in different teams and across multiple locations of your companies - starting at only 29 $ per month!

Measure Your Employee Engagement in Three Simple Steps:

Get Started Right Away
Start designing your survey from scratch or simply select a ready-made employee survey from our template pool (including eNPS, Pulse, 360 executive feedback, and more).
Share Surveys Quickly With Your Employees
Distribute the survey across a wide variety of touchpoints - starting from your intranet, emails, text messages, and many channels more.
All Insights At a Glance
Netigate's powerful reporting and analytics tools let you know at a glance how and where in your organization

Netigate - The #1 Survey Tool for HR Professionals

With secure servers and full compliancy with the world's most demanding privacy policies, your employee data is in safe hands with Netigate
Powerful but intuitive creation of employee surveys based on templates, with insights and reports available at the click of a button.
Netigate API and custom-developed add-ons make integration into your corporate tools and intranet easy.

Get the Whole Suite of Employee Survey Templates You Need

Employee Engagement Survey
The Netigate engagement survey is a validated model which can be used to identify strengths and improvement areas for employers.
eNPS Survey
Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) lets you measure your staff's engagement quickly and easily. eNPS is based on one simple questions.
Employee Pulse Survey
A prepared survey template for short pulse surveys that you can conduct over shorter periods of time in your organization. Includes the determination of the eNPS value.
360° Management feedback
With this template, you can gather feedback from the managers' subordinates, peers and direct managers and let the leaders themselves give a self evaluation as well.
Employee Onboarding Survey
An onboarding survey gives you the information you need to make sure every new employee receives all the relevant information and valuable input about how they perceived the recruitment process and their first impressions of the new company.
Employee Exit Survey
Employee exit surveys give you the valuable information you need to improve your organisation as a workplace and avoid losing employees in the future.
Board Evaluation Surveys
Regular board evaluations are an important part of measuring and improving the board's work.
Your individual employee survey
If you have specific needs to evaluate - it's easy to start from scratch and simply design your own survey. Even without template, you can also integrate standard questions by using the Netigate question pool.

About Netigate

Founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, Netigate is now one of the leading online employee experience survey tools in the world. Today, hundreds of HR teams use Netigate surveys for their for hundreds of thousands of employee surveys from leading companies across all industries and sizes.

ROI Calculator: See how YOU can benefit of improving your employee experience

Adjust the sliders to get a clear indication of the opportunity in your team.

Cost of disengaged employees
691k USD
Cost for employee turnover (50-200%)
240k to 960k USD

Why Employee Satisfaction Surveys Help Shielding Your Business From Employee Churn

Get quick insights on your employee satisfaction
With regular employee surveys and eNPS surveys, you'll get an accurate sentiment picture from all parts of the organization.

Count on more motivated and engaged employees
Research has shown: companies that regularly survey their employees have higher satisfaction scores and higher employee retention.
Improve your HR processes
With a program of new employee onboarding surveys and exit surveys, you'll be able to improve your HR processes and pinpoint potential problem areas.

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