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Netigate is designed to help you turn employee insights into measurable and profitable actions

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Cost of disengaged employees
691k USD
Cost for employee turnover (50-200%)
240k to 960k USD

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Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
Take action by increasing employee engagement and improving the experience of detractors. ​
Onboarding surveys
Make a great early impression and empower new employees to be positive and productive in no time. ​
360° feedback
Work with management to remove productivity blockers, improve team collaboration and culture, and drive team performance.
Netigate provides:
• Ready-to-go NPS and eNPS surveys.
• Expertly crafted questionnaire templates.
• Unlimited responses.
• Seamless survey distribution using email, links, email signature, and SMS.
• Tools to understand trends by linking survey insights with demographic data.
Proven expertly crafted templates
Get started in no time with NPS and eNPS surveys, or check out our other expertly crafted questionnaire templates on various employee and customer feedback topics.

Included in every plan!
Gearing you up for success
Our Success Center is full of helpful guides and tips, as well as video tutorials and customer education sessions.

We'll promise to help you excel at surveys and feedback management.
GDPR & EU servers
Netigate is a perfect solution for companies with employees in both America and Europe. Netigate is empowered with advanced privacy controls and is 100% GDPR-compliant.

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