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With more than 35,000+ users and counting, Netigate is a leading European provider of professional online survey and feedback management solutions.

Feedback Management with Netigate

Professional online survey software

Netigate provides professional e-survey software used by more than 2,000 companies of every size within different economic sectors to generate valuable feedback.


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Valuable insights for your company

More than 2,000 companies worldwide trust Netigate as their partner for web-based feedback management.

“With Netigate we get accurate answers on what our customers think about us, what we can do to prevent dissatisfaction and how to make our happy customers even happier.”

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“Netigate offers outstanding analysis and in-depth reporting.”
“We have been using Netigate for years and are very satisfied.”
“With Netigate we collect feedback that improves our customer service.”

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Which area do you need more insights into?

An employee survey, a customer survey, market research, or maybe a website survey? With Netigate you can perform any kind of survey you want.

Voice of Customer Solutions

Customer surveys are the most effective way to understand how your customers think, act and perceive your brand or organisation. Customer feedback supports the enhancement of customer loyalty and will have a positive impact on your organisation’s profitability.


Improve Your Offer

With customer surveys you can constantly improve your product or service and make sure you’re always their first choice.


Be the Best Choice

Get ahead of your competitors by always providing great customer experience, like excellent service and outstanding support.


Create Customer Dialouge

Initiate and maintain an ongoing dialogue with your customers so they stay loyal, and get continuous real-time indicators.

Most Popular Voice of Customer Surveys



Voice of Employee Solutions

Employee questionnaires help your organisation to measure staff engagement and satisfaction. Identify areas for improvement to raise employees’ engagement and motivation.


Evaluate the Whole Process

With Netigate you can evaluate an organisation’s staff during the whole employee life cycle.

360 Degree Feedback

Recurring employee surveys are the best way to conduct a comprehensive staff appraisal.


Act Instantly on Feedback

Staff questionnaires give you real-time insights into employees’ loyalty and engagement.

Most Popular Voice of Employee Surveys



Market Research Solutions

Conducting market research

used to be inconvenient and costly. With Netigate you can easily conduct market research within your own target group or even reach out to a panel with just a few simple clicks.


Better Decisions

Insights from your target group enable you to take better and more informed decisions.

Future Success

Market research helps you to improve your company’s future ability to satisfy various customer needs.


Panel Research

If you don’t have any respondents to survey you can use panels and gain knowledge for making better decisions.

Most Popular Market Research Surveys



How Does It Work?

Netigate offers you a very easy-to-use tool to create surveys, send them out and analyze the results.

Three Simple Steps for Great Insights

With Netigate just three simple steps will give you powerful information that will help you improve your organisation.

Create A Survey with Netigate

Create Your Survey

Create your own surveys with Netigate’s easy-to-use creation panel with drag-and-drop functionality.

Survey Tool Send Out

Distribute the Survey

Netigate is designed so that you can reach your respondents in several ways.

Feedback Management Visualisation

Analyze and Present

Netigate’s powerful analysis section lets you view, break down and present your results in an easy but powerful way.

These are just the most popular survey types, but there are plenty more:

  • Trade Fair and Event Evaluations
  • eCommerce and Shipment Evaluation
  • Reader Surveys
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Certifications
  • Health Care and Patient Surveys
  • Event Invitations
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Student Surveys

…and many more

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