If I pay for service, I require not only service, but good service. If I pay a lot for service and don´t get anything near the service I expect, I will most likely both complain and demand my money back or else just never return to the same service provider. I will certainly recommend others to avoid them too.

Let´s hope you never have had to hear the above from a client or customer and that you never will in the future either. A good way to avoid this is of course to understand the immense importance of keeping your customer service at top level no matter what. Invest in the professional training of your customer service staff. So that they are ready to face not only potential complaints but also any type of query related or unrelated to the daily work that they do and to handle their customers in a truly professional manner.

Good customer service is important. Image shows a chalk board with the words good service makes the difference.

How to improve your customer service

How will you know what needs to be improved when it comes to customer service? Well, if you are running a service business you probably have a sense of service in your character. All good. But what about your staff?

Perhaps you have different staff members at the service desk at different times? Then it is important that returning customers can always rely on getting the same level of service from anyone at this desk. That means you need to train your customer service staff to meet customers in a certain way. A way that will constantly represent the high level of service offered at your establishment.

Netigate offers help when you want to know how you can work to improve your customer service and work out your Voice of Customer Program.

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Voice of Customer Solutions – by Netigate

First of all, you need to recognise the importance of improving and constantly keeping your customer service at a high level. Having good service skills is probably something you ask for when you hire new people. But then it is up to you to shape these skills according to your company standards.

Begin by measuring how well things are working. Conduct a customer service survey to find out possible improvement areas which may be spotted within your current service.

Did the customers receive an adequate answer to their question? Was the response time acceptable? How did they experience the skills, competence, and approach of the customer service staff that helped them with their query?

Netigate offers a perfectly organised questionnaire with pre-packed questions put together by survey professionals to suit any kind of company. The solutions offered by Netigate can also be customised in close cooperation so that you feel that you find out exactly what you need to know in order to perfect your customer service.