Net Promoter Score is a term frequently used in customer survey contexts. Net Promoter Score is based on the question “How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?”
Your customers will answer by marking their level of satisfaction on a scale of 0-10. The lower marks are divided into “detractors,” which ultimately means that the people responsible for these marks are unhappy customers. Who feel a bit stuck in the current business relationship and ”passives” (satisfied but not too enthusiastic). Whereas the higher marks (9 and 10) are labelled “Promoters” (for obvious reasons – they promote your company). From this grading system you calculate the final Net Promoter Score according to the image below. NPS

Measure customers´ loyalty easily with NPS software

It´s possible to investigate the satisfaction level in many ways and surely you can do it on your own. Yet there are smooth tools for this which will not only provide you with the details you are looking for but also save you a lot of time and hassle.
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AAA-Answers, analysis and action

A large number of companies of different sizes, within a variety of fields, have all managed to improve their business. Coupled with the customer satisfaction and the engagement of their employees, by simply analysing the answers gathered via Netigate surveys and then taking the right actions.

Since the question is whether your customers would be likely to recommend your business or not. You will obviously find out if they are happy. However, it´s always good to follow up by asking for a short motivation such as “why?” or “why not?”, because only then will you know what improvements you need if they´re not happy. Or, even better, you’ll come to learn what the key to your success and popularity among your customers really is, so you can hold on to that in the future.
What actions you decide to take after receiving the results of the survey may be crucial for the future of your company. Some managers invite their customers to a meeting to discuss the statistics they received in their survey and work out suggestions for improvement together.