Voice of Customer

Running a successful business has to do with relationships, professionalism and the ability to accept feedback and turn it into something good. Your employees are clearly a big part of your success. At the same time, some of the most important people for your business are your customers, right? Therefore listen to the voice of your customer.

Netigate is a platform offering survey solutions in variety of fields, helping your company develop and improve its performance. By offering customised solutions where the right questions for your company are asked to the right people. Netigate allows you to identify any weak spots and improve the product or service you provide to your customers.

By asking how your customers feel about your service or range of products, you will have an updated picture of your strong and weak areas. By creating a Voice of Customer survey with the express purpose of providing feedback easily, you’ll be open to feedback and your customers will help you to reach the top!

Ask the right questions

At Netigate you can get started free of charge before making any big commitments. We’ll help you gain relevant feedback and also help you to decide how your Voice of Customer survey can best be carried out. With a survey shaped exactly by your individual needs you will get the answers you require – it´s all about asking the right questions!

Was the customer service satisfactory? Did you get answers you needed? Did you feel that you were important to us when you turned to our company for help? Was our service fast enough? How would you rate the competence of our personnel? Would you recommend us to your friends? Which three words best describe your experience with us?

Create a survey in minutes

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  • Analyse responses with filters & AI

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From analysis to action

So you have conducted your survey and you have received feedback. Now what?

The next step to take is to carefully analyse the data you have managed to collect. Read it, discuss it, interpret it and then make a step by step improvement plan for those areas that need to be improved. Action!

And hey, don’t forget to thank you customers for being so helpful. It will make them more willing to help you again in the future if they know that their opinions actually matter to you.