An employee exit form is of great help, when someone decides to move on and leave the workplace. It may be good to find out what the circumstances are that have led them to this decision.

Did they simply get an offer from a new place which they couldn´t refuse. Or are there issues that would have made them leave you sooner or later anyway? How can you prevent this from happening with other employees as well?

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What should you ask in an employee exit form?

If you google employee exit form, you will get an endless stream of templates showing on your screen. Reading too many of them will soon become boring. Not because they´re uninteresting, but because they are similar yet different in an annoying way that makes it very difficult to know which one to go for.

There are more or less advanced employee exit forms. Some will simply inform readers who you are, how long you worked for the company and what department you were working at. Finally, they will ask you to tick a box, offering a few like; “reasons for leaving options” such as “better pay”, “career change” or “retirement”.

What kind of information would you get from this form, and can it be used to improve working situations for your remaining employees so that they decide to stay? Not much, right?
Another template offered on your screen could be one of up to 15 questions of a more investigating character, such as:

  • “Please describe in more detail your reasons for leaving”
  • “What suggestions for improvement would you give us and if those were implemented, would you consider returning?”

Obviously better, but wouldn´t your former employee be sick of you if you handed this over with the expected farewell gift? Probably.

So how on earth will you know which of the 15-500 suggested template questions to choose?!
Well, there is an easy way to answer this and rid you of your frustration – ask Netigate for help!

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What can Netigate do for you ?

As you have realised by now, exit forms are to be handled carefully. You don´t want to miss the opportunity to find out and neither do you wish to make your former employees feel accused or mistreated by demanding them to fill in a complicated form that will take hours to complete.

Ask just a few questions, and make sure they´re the right ones. Be honestly interested in what your respondents have to say. Thank them and wish them all the best in their new position. No hard feelings means no bad talk in the future, which you will benefit from, of course.

Netigate will help you get started with your survey work. You can either create a form based on the questions that your company thinks are the most important, or you may use Netigate´s popular pre-packaged exit survey.

With Netigate´s professional guidance you will have a working voice of employee program in no time!