You can be proud of all the work you have done to bring your company to the successful position where you are now, but seriously, shouldn´t you be just as proud of your employees? They do a fantastic job every day, in other words if it weren´t for them, where would you be?

The least you can do is to find out how satisfied they are with their everyday work life. Do they feel valued by you as their manager? Does the job provide them with a feeling of personal accomplishment? Does the job make use of their individual skills and abilities? Do they feel challenged by their work? Are they happy with their current tasks or do they dream of being promoted?

If you don´t ask them these questions and offer them the opportunity to evaluate how they feel about their job, you may be up for a not so pleasant surprise when they finally tire of waiting for you to ask.
This could easily be avoided, by using an Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire. If your schedule is too busy to find time to develop a proper survey or questionnaire yourself, there are other options. The important thing is that it is done, one way or another. Turn to Netigate to try out a VoE software. Surely 30,000 users in 30 different countries can´t be wrong, right?

eNPS and ESI – telling you the things that matter

Employee Net promoter Score (eNPS) and Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) are two methods used to get an overall view of your employees´ satisfaction level. eNPS is based on the traditional NPS (one question), but is aimed specifically towards employees. While ESI is a method built on three basic questions, applicable to all sorts of workplaces.

1 How satisfied are you with your current workplace?
2 How well does your current workplace meet your expectations?
3 How close is your current workplace to the ideal one?

The ESI survey can then, of course, just like the eNPS, be extended by adding questions of more specific character, aimed at a certain branch. Both methods will provide a good overview of the satisfaction level and enable you to identify improvement areas, once the results are collected, calculated and analysed. And again, this is where Netigate comes into the picture. They help you create the form, carry out the employee satisfaction questionnaire and analyse the results. Seriously, could it be any better?