Customer Churn & Employee Exit

Many of us tend to bury our heads in the sand when things aren’t going well. It is much easier to suppress problems than to deal with them. But if you don’t learn from your mistakes you can’t evolve. Even if you can’t affect a customer’s or an employee’s decision, it is a good idea to take the opportunity to investigate the reasons behind the decision.

Churn, or customer churn, is inevitable. Customer loyalty may be a goal to strive for, but you must accept that just as new customers will come, others will move on. In the same way you must always expect some employee turnover. But a large drop among colleagues or customers can be a sign of shortcomings in the organization.

When customers or employees leave it might feel as if they are letting you down when in fact it could be you who has let them down. They had expectations on your company that you were not able to fulfill in the form of demands and requirements on products or expectations of the company as a workplace.

Customer Churn survey is a flexible and cost-effective tool to find out what you can do differently.

Doubt that your former employees and customers are willing to spend time on answering your questions? The fact is that people are usually happy to share when they are unhappy with something, perhaps even more so than when they are actually happy with something.

With an employee exit survey staff who have resigned get the opportunity to anonymously comment on the organisation. It could be leadership, work or pay, but the important point is finding out why they chose to leave.

A customer churn survey, is aimed towards customers who have terminated their contract or subscription. By completing a customer feedback form they can have their say regarding service, the quality of the product or the terms and conditions of the service.

Do not consider churn surveys or employee exit interviews as a means to win back lost customers or employees. See it as a way gain knowledge of what went wrong. This is also your chance to show that you care about their opinions and to leave a good last impression.

Just as the conclusion of a speech or a presentation is critical for the overall impression, it is crucial that a cooperation is terminated in a good way.