By having a clear and well thought-out strategy when it comes to developing a functional program for your Voice of Employees routines, you may save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Your employees can add information to your overall view that will allow you to see the weak spots in your organisation and prevent small or large scale disasters. You may be running the business and you may have the overall responsibility, but they are the experts. The eyes and ears on the inside of your company. You ought to respect and listen to the voice of your employees.


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Good surveys are good service

Hand out Employee Satisfaction or Engagement surveys on a regular basis by using the right VoE software. Make sure that your employees know that they will be asked to fill in such forms regularly and make sure they understand why. If you prove to them that their feedback matters to you. You can benefit from their experiences and improve your company through this. But first you need to evaluate your current Voice of Employee program.

Yearly, every six months or quarterly?

How many times every year would you like to get a confirmation that you´re doing the right thing? I´m guessing more than once.
How often would you like to know that your employees are happy with their workplace, get enough challenges and feel appreciated for what they contribute with. Both regarding skills and knowledge but also socially? How awkward and ashamed would you feel if you found out too late that somebody had been mistreated, unhappy or bored in their job. Not to mention that they only wish that you would have noticed and done something about it…?

Everyday dialogues, annual performance appraisals, surveys and questionnaires all build up a working Voice of Employee program. The real work, however, is what follows. An Employee Engagement survey is of no value until the information provided is being acted upon. If employees constantly have to fill in surveys that never lead to any changes. Certainly, their level of engagement will fall quite fast and their will to respond honestly to your questions is likely to diminish.
Voice of Employee should be something that constantly permeates the whole business. It should be a natural part of the company atmosphere. There should be open channels and available ways for employees to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction without feeling that they´re doing something wrong. This may be through regular surveys or via reliable representatives within the work group.

Netigate & Voice of Employee

Among other things, Netigate specialises in Voice of Employee solutions. The primary solutions they offer are Employee Engagement Survey, Employee Satisfaction Survey, 360 Degree Feedback, Employee Onboarding Survey and Employee Exit Interviews.
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