Netigate’s 2014 Employee Report

How much do we like our jobs?

64% of respondents look forward to each new working day and most have a generally positive view of their workplace. For example, one in five respondents state that they plan to stay in their jobs for more than 10 years. However, there is one area that is still the object of criticism: stress. One in four respondents do not think that stress issues are taken seriously at work. And nearly one in three find that their working hours are not long enough to perform their tasks. Those who have been employed in their jobs for at least three years are most critical about how stress issues are managed.  time-working-tasks

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Competence is most important for managers who want to create confidence

Competence counts most when it comes to assessing the aspects that enhance confidence in your line manager. Two areas that Swedish managers need to be better at are setting clear targets and setting aside time for their employees. As many as 30% of respondents state that they last had a performance review more than a year ago. Or that they have never had one. The management at Swedish workplaces generally gets good marks but it is worth noting that one in ten respondents state that they do not have confidence in their top manager.

30 percent have not had a performance review or employee survey

Ventilation the object of tough criticism

In last year’s report ventilation was a source of dissatisfaction. This year, ventilation and temperature receive the most criticism from employees. 36% do not think that the ventilation works well, while 35% do not agree that the temperature at work is comfortable. So how important is a physically well-functioning workplace? The results also show that satisfaction with the workplace is closely linked to how well it is designed to allow employees to perform their tasks. If the ventilation and temperature affect ability to perform tasks, there may be a problem. One in four employees also do not think that the sound level is right for their work.

36 percent want better ventilation at their workplace according to Voice of employee surveys

Younger employees are still not satisfied with their tasks

Last year’s report showed that younger employees did not feel adequately stimulated. As well as they did not find that they had sufficient variation in their tasks. This trend is maintained in this year’s report. 14% of respondents do not think that their work and its development correspond to the expectations they had when they started the job. The finding that 39% of respondents cannot give a general account of their company’s objectives and visions indicates that several companies need to apply their onboarding processes more efficiently.

Variation in tasks is important for young employees according to employee surveys

Many people want to improve their leadership and project management skills

61% of Swedish employees say that, with the right skills development, they could do a significantly better job. But 17% also state that they do not think that the company at which they work takes skills development seriously. Swedish employees want to attend more training and courses and, if they could choose, they would prefer to develop their project management and leadership skills.

Skills development important according to voice of employee surveys

What do you think?

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