The employee report 2013 shows among several other facts that employees want their managers to improve their communication skills and visibility. Furthermore, it becomes clear that younger employees are less stimulated by their work tasks and that the gap is growing bigger between the current work place and the ideal one.

The physical work environment is improving

Employees are more satisfied with their office facilities in general, however, younger employees have higher expectations on cleaning than their older colleagues. It is how well adapted the workplace is to your kind of job that best correlates to the level of satisfaction, but also noise and ventilation are critical factors when it comes to a good physical work environment

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Younger employees want more varied tasks

Younger employees feel less stimulated at work and request more challenging and varied tasks. Employees between 20 and 30 years also indicate a larger gap between expectations and reality than older employees.

Younger employees want more varied tasks

The ideal employer ever further from reality

The result on the question how well their company is associable with the image of the ideal one decreases each year. Also here the younger generation distinguishes, showing the largest gap between ideals and reality. To find out what it means to be an ideal employer, the question “Briefly describe your image of an ideal employer” was asked in the survey. Among the comments on this question, three words occur particularly frequent:


Managers need to be more visible and improve communication skills

Managers get high grades overall when it comes to leadership, but there is room for improvement in other areas to get a higher confidence. Here are the top three areas that employees find the most important:

1. Managers need to communicate decisions better
2. Managers need to be more visible
3. Managers need to be better at communicating their values

Stress issues are not taken seriously enough

Stress issues are not taken seriously enough The amount of stress at the work place strongly affects the way you preceive the psychological work environment. Despite this, employers are not perceived to deal with stress issues seriously enough. Two areas are identified when it comes to how employees experience stress: “High demands on myself” and “High workload”. Those who have been employed for more than three years are far more critical to the employer’s ability to deal with stress issues.


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