Netigate customer success

After analysis of the results, Netigate stands out in several categories, particularly Netigate customer support and ease of use. Customers also approved of the platform’s ability to deliver quick results and provide flexible options for creating surveys. Overall, more than 4 out of 5 respondents had a “very positive” perception of Netigate as a brand.

Ease-of-Use Scores High with Customers

“The survey results show that Netigate is fulfilling the needs of customers who are looking for a user-friendly feedback platform that provides them with actionable insights ,” said Sakarias Fasth, Business Development Manager at Netigate. “While it’s gratifying to get this kind of positive feedback, we also have several areas where we can improve in 2019 as well.”

Netigate Customer Success Department Earns Accolades

Netigate’s Customer Success team was highlighted throughout the survey results for its friendliness and helpfulness. Of those surveyed, 87% rated their overall experience with Customer Success as “very positive”, and 83% noted they had a similar experience with their contact person at Netigate.

This is backed by the Customer Success team’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72.

Among those questioned were decision-makers, admins and non-decision-makers. Decision-makers in particular rated their experience with a particular contact person at Netigate to be very positive.