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New Swedish AI System Helps Companies Streamline Talented Employees

November 3, 2017

Could computers be better at understanding humans than humans themselves? This is what Swedish tech company, Netigate suggests upon launching their new AI tool. Netigate’s METIS is the world’s number-one insight platform, which is designed to capture employee feedback, performance, and reviews to analyze when employees are about to leave the workplace before human resources has a chance to notice. In addition to streamlining human resource tasks, productivity throughout a company will also increase.

METIS is designed to automatically process collected data related to employees and then formulates actionable insights for managers. Each analysis provides recommendations on how to best provide employee support both on personal and group levels.

Organizations have never had access to data as they do now. When managers aren’t sure of what to do, it becomes a curse rather than a blessing. With the help of AI, digital tools will not only generate data, but also help organizations make sense of it and formulate a course of action. Data then becomes a helpful asset rather than something unmanageable that only creates stress and confusion for decision makers.

John Kjellquist, COO Netigate METIS

Netigate works with large, well-known brands, such as Swedbank, Spotify, and Fortum. Netigate is one of the largest digital survey and analysis tools in Europe. In addition to their main office in Stockholm, Netigate also has offices located in Germany, Norway, and Ireland. With METIS, Netigate hopes to make it easier for companies to engage with employees, maintain talent, and streamline entire organizations.

“Managers in medium-sized and large companies lack the appropriate ‘bandwidth’ to effectively interpret ‘red flag’ signs from their employees. In conjunction with information being too broad to process, the demand on employers are shifting as more millennials and Generation Z-ers enter the work environment. By collecting employee feedback on a regular basis via an artificial intelligence tool, results can turn into actionable insights, which can be executed as part of an improvement plan without the need for additional time or resources. Suddenly, it becomes a lot simpler to maneuver through an organization that is constantly shifting at a high rate”, John Kjellquist explains.

According to a global survey conducted by Gallup, only 14 percent of Europeans are committed to their work. These poor results automatically lead to a reduction in productivity for companies, organizations, and government agencies. In Germany alone, the low level of commitment equals a loss of approximately 112-138 billion EURO every year. Netigate’s new METIS tool seeks to provide a solution through early detection and the prevention of dissatisfied and inefficient employees.

John Kjellquist further explains, “This development is only in its early stages. Today we are relatively alone in the market, and our primary competitions is large corporations, such as IBM with their AI-system, Watson. In the next five years—seven years at the most—AI will become an effective tool in all HR departments across many organizations.”

According to the world’s largest HR organization, SHRM, the cost of sub-optimizing HR tasks can amount up to nine monthly salaries for every employee that does not stay within the organization. This cost can easily and quickly rise into the millions for large corporations that fail to maintain their talent and a high level of productivity within the organization.

“Using AI as support for human resource task optimization is one of the larger productivity improvements that will have impact socioeconomics in the coming decade. Today there is a borderline abuse of manpower that is neither productive nor committed. This is an enormous cost for companies every year,” claims Stefan Fölster, Adjunct Professor of National Economics at KTH, and writer of Framtidens Jobb.

About Netigate

Netigate is one of the leading European providers of cloud based services for online surveys that are primarily used for customer feedback, employee feedback and market research. We help organisations gain valuable insights, make better business decisions and improve processes. Our customers range from small organisations to global companies in all industries, including many leading companies around the world such as Electrolux, Ericsson, Vodafone and E.ON.

About John Kjellquist

John Kjellquist is COO of Netigate, and has been active within the survey industry for eight years. John began his professional path as a teacher, but then later switched career paths and advanced his education in international relations and marketing. John was among the first ten employees at Netigate, and has since been one of the driving forces that has allowed the company grow into the global tech company they have become today. Today, Netigate has over 100 employees in four different countries. Some of Netigate’s biggest customers include Deloitte, H&M, and Spotify.

John Kjellquist -COO Netigate METIS

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