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Collect customer feedback at the right time

Your organisation needs to be visible and listen to your customer feedback at the locations where your customers actually interact and meet with you, then it is easy to start collecting feedback with a Netigate feedback form.

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What Is a customer feedback form?


A customer feedback form is a set of questions to evaluate and collect feedback from your visitors, members or customers. It can be anything from just one question asking for feedback in general, or several questions that aim to break down the feedback into different segments by using smart survey logic.

Imagine being always updated and continually listening to your customers, wouldn’t it be great to be one step ahead and able to act instead of react. All this will be possible as soon as you start working with Netigate’s customer feedback forms.

How to get started with customer feedback forms


It is easy and powerful – just start by asking for feedback: “Please give us your feedback”. The survey can be distributed in several ways, for example, as a form on your website, as a link in a banner or a button, as an e-mail that can even be automated via an API connection to your CRM-system, SMS message, or a pop-up survey on your site. Everything is possible.

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