Marketing Research

The main goal of marketing research

Marketing research helps your organisation to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns on different recipients in order to optimise those campaigns and find the best channels and the most effective way to approach potential customers.

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Define your target audience


Marketing research is mainly conducted for two reasons: to either identify or to solve marketing problems. All organisations probably already conduct research in some way. Marketing research gives you the chance to identify the problems you might face when reaching out to possible customers. With Netigate’s approach you collect data, that already gives you answers as to how you can solve these problems.

Use panels to get the insights you need


With the help of panels you can define your target audience for your marketing efforts. This can give you information from people who are potential customers and you can learn how to effectively reach out to them via marketing. You might also want to ask the people you are already targeting with your marketing to measure the success of your endeavors.

Case Study Casio

“With the help of Netigate’s solutions we were able to improve our target group approach significantly.”

+ Market research with Netigate
+ Optimized communication based on results
+ User-friendly implementation

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