A successful customer service agent is able to make a good impression on customers, earn their trust, smooth out mistakes and set wheels in motion to fix problems – all within the space of a short telephone conversation.

Ultimately, your customer service department plays a significant role in the overall satisfaction of your customers, so let’s take a look at why that is, and how customer service surveys can help you to measure and improve customer service within your organisation.

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Why is customer service such an important part of a business?

1. Customer service teams act as a link between customers and all other departments.

When a customer calls in with a problem, the customer services agent must console and compensate that customer. However, the job doesn’t end there. It is also vital for them to report the problem to the correct department and get mistakes and errors fixed before they affect the company’s success.

2. Customer service may be the only personal contact that your company has with its customers.

Think about it. If a customer makes their purchases online, you use a contracted delivery firm, and feedback is via email, when else do your customers ever get to speak to a person? Only when they ring customer services.

3. Good customer service can help you to reduce your churn rate.

Customer churn reflects the rate at which you lose customers. Many customers become churned as a result of problems with their orders. Good customer service agents who can quickly fix problems and change customer attitudes can help you to reduce this rate and retain your customers in the long run.

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How to measure and improve customer service in your business

So by now, you should be convinced that good customer service is important. Ensure yours is up to scratch by eliciting feedback from your customers. A customer service form, which asks for feedback on customer experiences, can help you ensure that you are doing everything in your power to increase customer loyalty. It may also identify agents who require further support or training.

A customer service form can also constitute part of a successful Voice of Customer program, in which you provide customers with channels to have their say in the operation and development of your company.

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