Avoid unnecessary costs of bad customer service

Costs are a given in any business. While they can’t be avoided they are also your platform to add value and create profit. Naturally though you’re always going to be looking for ways to reduce them. Like getting a rent reduction or switching suppliers. They seem obvious, but what about the hidden costs, the intuitive things that a tuned in business mind is going to spot? We’re talking about things that silently kill productivity or hurt revenue; meaning that money which should be in your pocket isn’t.

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Bad customer service is holding back businesses

One of the biggest things holding back businesses and costing them revenue is bad customer service. In one study in 2011, 86% of consumers said that a poor service experience had caused them to stop doing business with a company*.

86% of asked customers have stopped doing buisiness with a company due to poor customer service

This is a phenomenal number and shows just how strongly customers are going to judge their human interactions with your business. Not only that, but the same survey also found that almost 4 out of 5 customers who had a negative service experience told someone else about it. Together with increasing the damage done.

The value of customer retention versus acquisition, as well as the enhanced and steady revenue given by loyal customers should focus any good business mind on the importance of customer service. It’s not only an opportunity to get feedback and right wrongs. It’s also a rare and valuable chance to strengthen the bond between you and your customers. Turning a complaint or query into a positive experience is a big win for any company. But it doesn’t come easily.

By utilizing effective customer service surveys you can find out exactly what your customers are expecting from your customer service. For example, 75% of people in a live service situation expect to get talking to a representative in 2 minutes or less*.

With the right kind of data and information you can find easily find out your customers thought. Coupled with what your company is actually doing right and wrong when it comes to customer service. Armed with this, you will be able to implement the system and standards that can turn customer service from an onerous cost into an effective promotional asset.

*Harris Interactive/RightNow