As mentioned in a previous post about 360-degree feedback, you shouldn’t use this kind of questionnaire for evaluating the employees’ performances. Then what should you use it for? Development. The purpose of this development is to encourage your employees to grow and eventually reach their full potential within your organization.

With the input from a 360-degree feedback survey your employees will get:

    1. Increased self-awareness, which is considered to be the most important benefit of a 360-degree feedback. Your employees get a comprehensive report with their strengths and areas of improvement. This provides an insight into his or her behaviour as well as into how they are perceived by their colleagues and managers.
    2. A balanced and well-rounded view of their existing skills and behaviours. As the feedback comes from a variety of people working with the employee, the feedback is fairer and more accurate than if only the manager would have a say in the matter.
    3. A key to identifying his or her strengths. This is very important for acknowledgement as well as for the employee’s personal improvement. When an employee shows strength in a particular area and gets additional development, he or she will soon excel at the job. Which will have an impact on your company’s effectiveness and success.
    4. A new insight into their behaviour that they might not have noticed themselves. By uncovering blind spots your employee will be able to learn and develop and thus continue to improve.
    5. A starting point for developing new skills and behaviours. This is probably the most important benefit of 360-reviews. With the results, you create, together with your employee, a customized development plan. This helps your employee to take control over their career path which increases the employee engagement.

360 degree

Not only the employee benefits from 360-degree reviews – so does your organisation! Using the feedback for organisational growth: through this process you will be able to identify and encourage talent and potential leaders. These employees could move to higher positions and acquire new skills which ultimately give your business a competitive advantage. When you use 360-degree software effectively and correctly you can reduce employee turnover and increase retention. Your employees recognise your efforts in providing training and development opportunities. Resulting in better motivation, increased productivity and higher employee satisfaction.