Do you remember how nervous you were on your first day at your new job? Almost everyone is a little anxious the first time they walk through the entrance to their new workplace. Even though we’ve been offered and accepted the position already, we still need to prove ourselves to our new boss and colleagues. As you are already a seasoned employee, it is your task to help your new hire to feel welcome and get them up to speed on your company’s culture and behaviour as well as easing them into their new role with an effective onboarding process.

Here are five simple suggestions on how you can improve your employee onboarding process:

1. The onboarding process actually starts BEFORE your new hire’s first day, when you send them useful information and documentation about your company so that they can get acquainted with your business and feel like they are part of a team.

2. Introduce your new hire to their new colleagues, don’t make them go around introducing themself. And make sure that everyone on their team knows that theyare expecting a new team member. It is embarrassing coming to a new workplace and no one seems to know anything about getting a new teammate.

3. Teach your employee the etiquette and lingo of your workplace. Every organization has their own standards for decorum; it could be things like “casual Fridays”, no jeans in the office – even how to respond on the telephone. Most workplaces have their own lingo too and it can be quite frustrating for newbies until they have caught on to it. Help your new hire by filling them in on the jargon and they will be able communicate better.

Welcome Sign - improve your employee onboarding process

4. Give your new hire a full tour of the premises. Show them everything they need to know including bathrooms, canteen, coffee machine and where you keep the first aid.

5. Try to have as many things ready for them on their first day as possible, like their own office or desk with a chair, mobile phone, basic office supplies, tools or whatever it is they need to be able to perform their work. Sure, they will probably need to stock up as they go along but for the few first days it would be great to have the basic stuff so they don’t have to spend those initial days looking for it.

And last, but not least, learn your new hire’s name before they shows up for their first day – it’s just common courtesy!

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