Employee Onboarding Surveys

It is pretty safe to say that everyone is nervous on their very first day at a new workplace. You probably remember your own first day; you didn’t know any colleagues, your way around the office, the company’s work routines, or the company culture. Research shows that a new employee has about 90 days to prove him- or herself at a new job. That is quite a short amount of time considering how much there is to take in those first few months. That is where New Employee Onboarding comes in! Taking a new hire on board includes a lot more than just showing them to their desk and pointing towards the coffee machine and the bathroom.

Onboarding is what you call the process of getting the new employees to adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new job as fast and smoothly as possible. Through this process the newbies learn the attitude, skills, knowledge and behaviours required to be able to function effectively within your organisation. Depending on how well received and welcome your new employees feel, the faster they can get into to their new jobs and successfully contribute to your business.

After those first crucial 90 days it is advisable to conduct a survey with a few useful employee onboarding questions where your new hire can rate their onboarding experience. If you want the newbies to be completely honest, the survey should remain anonymous. Some companies choose to have named surveys; there is no right or wrong here. However, you should keep in mind that very few feel confident enough after only 3 months to criticize their new employer openly. And honest answers are what we are after, right?

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What questions should you ask your newbies about their onboarding experience?

You could ask them to rate, on a scale from 1-5 or Excellent, Good, Average, Fair and Poor how they experienced the:

  • Pre-hire communication with HR
  • New hire appointment and paperwork process
  • Clear communication of training needs
  • Clear communication of objectives and expectations
  • Position and duties are comparable to the job description
  • Overall onboarding process

Add a comment box so your new hire can develop his or her response if needed.

The information you collect from the employee onboarding surveys is then used to tailor your onboarding program. And improve the procedures that help you bring a new hire up to speed so he or she can start contributing to your company’s success as soon as possible.

For more information about employee onboarding surveys, see here or check out Netigate’s VoE software.