Although it goes without saying, happy employees are more productive than those who are not very happy. Happy workers are actually 12% more productive according to a study by the University of Warwick. That is equivalent to one extra day every fortnight. So what can you do to improve your employee satisfaction? Improve employee satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction

If you search online for ways to improve employee satisfaction, you get more than 10 million hits with everything from three to 25 methods – all of them fool proof, of course.

Before you can start making any changes to improve employee satisfaction in your organization you need to know what needs improving and this is best done with an employee satisfaction survey or something similar.

Once you have identified what it is your employees are not very happy with, you can start implementing some changes and you will see that your employees are indeed happier at their workplace. A raise will certainly increase their satisfaction but there are a number of little things you can do to make your staff happier without feeling the pinch.

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Remember to let your employees know that they are appreciated and doing a good job. In today’s busy business environment, it’s much too easy to forget to praise when praising is in order. A simple “thank you for doing a good job” will cost you nothing but mean a great deal to your employees.


Offer flexible work hours! Many of us juggle work and family and have a hard time finding a good balance between the two. When you offer flexible work hours you are showing your employees that you understand that they have a life outside work and you want to make life easier for them. That would make just about anyone happy!


Make it comfortable for your staff! This doesn’t necessarily mean lounge chairs and free massages by an in-house massage therapist. When you provide free water and coffee, fruit and ergonomic chairs, you show that you want your staff to be comfortable at work. Here’s another great tip for you: turn up the thermostat a couple of degrees during the hot summer months when most offices run the A/C on maximum and everyone has to bring extra clothes to keep warm or go outside to defrost. Your employees will not be so miserably cold AND you will save on the electricity bill. How great is that?!