It might be expected because someone has tried desperately for years to make a career within the company without succeeding. That is ok. We all want different things. However, every once in a while someone´s decision to move on and change jobs comes as a complete surprise. They have seemed happy at their post, never complained. Always done a great job and never uttered a word about wanting anything else in life. Regardless of how it happens, it is a decision that has grown within this person for a time. The best you can do to prevent it from happening again is to find out why they decided to leave, this is possible with an employee exit survey. Employee exit survey help you understand why employees move on. Image shows a person holding a cardboard box full of belongings, with the word resignation written on it.

Employee exit survey

An employee exit is a situation that will affect all people that have worked with the person in question. It is only fair to find out what made the person want to leave. An employee exit survey is an easy tool for this – straightforward questions and clear answers may help to deal with the situation.
If it becomes clear that it had nothing to do with the workplace, the colleagues or the boss, you can settle with the fact that they simply needed something else. You can then carry on as usual. On the other hand, if the survey does show something else, this is the perfect opportunity for you to evaluate certain parts of your business where improvement might be needed.

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What to ask

There are numerous ways to investigate what made a person decide to leave a job. Relevant questions may be what the reason for leaving is, whether any improvement in the company might have made them stay, or if they feel that they would recommend the workplace to others.
In a survey conducted by the survey specialists at Netigate, you may phrase the questions however you like. You create and carry out your survey online and in this way you can avoid losing any other appreciated employees in the future.

To hire is expensive and happy employees tend both to stay and to do a better job. Voice of employee surveys, etc. will be ways to identify required improvement and if you act on them, it is surely a simple tool to make your employees happy!
Build a strong employee program by using the right VoE software. Coupled with making exit surveys a continuous part of your employee strategy.