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Never miss a beat.
Get insights at every touch point.

The relationship you have with your customers is essential to your success. Understanding their needs allows you to see what's working and improve what isn't. At Netigate, we combine a powerful survey platform with internal experts to help you master the art of working with customer feedback.
Drag and drop to design your surveys from scratch, or get started with our expertly-crafted template bank.
Reach your customers at every touch point in their journey using email, SMS, website widgets and more.
Use filters, breakdowns, target tracking and more to easily turn your customer data into insights.
Create personalised reports for individual departments, service agents and locations in just a few clicks.

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Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy

Follow customers along their entire journey with you, from the first touch to the last. From satisfaction surveys to churn management, we'll help you to listen and learn every step of the way.

βœ” Benchmark and track your performance with metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort score (CES)
βœ” Measure and manage key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty
βœ” Discover opportunities for improvement and learn how to create continuous value
βœ” Lead customer service teams in providing excellent support and conflict resolution
βœ” Reduce churn and increase customer retention
Example of a real-time result dashboard in Netigate survey tool
Real-time result dashboard example

Real-time results

Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with customer feedback. Netigate allows you to capture data in real-time, giving you the opportunity to act quickly.

βœ” Set up automatic triggers that alert you to feedback requiring action
βœ” Quickly address customer needs, questions, and complaints
βœ” Create personalised dashboards for viewing incoming data in the most convenient way
βœ” Share reports that continue to automatically update even after distribution
The future of CX_Role_Page_Cover

What's in store for the future of CX?

We asked CX professionals about their approach to CX in 2021 and beyond and these are our findings. Download the report to read about:

β€’ How other businesses are working with CX
β€’ The most important channels in CX strategies
β€’ Top CX goals for 2021
β€’ How to develop as a CX professional
β€’ Aligning the layers of customer experience management
β€’ The important of aligning brand strategy with CX strategy
Customer data_Analysis_Netigate_Platform_desktop

Dig deep into your customer data

Feedback comes to life when you make use of it. With our intuitive reporting tool, you can quickly turn data into actionable insights.

βœ” Use filters and breakdowns to look at specific customers and groups
βœ” Cross-tabulation tables give you insights into the relationship between variables
βœ” Analyse text data to get qualitative input from your customers
βœ” Response timelines help you track how customer feedback is changing
βœ” Generate tailored reports for different teams and stakeholders in just a few clicks
βœ” Drop-off statistics help you to improve your surveys
New laptop generic

Internal feedback experts to support you

Let us support you by designing and managing your feedback projects, building your surveys, and producing insightful reports in formats that work best for you.

βœ” Support for advanced survey projects
βœ” Technical support to optimise your feedback processes
βœ” Data analysis and reporting
βœ” Educational training tailored to the needs of your company

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Secure & GDPR-compliant
Your data is safe with us. Personal data and IT-security is our top priority. We are GDPR compliant with servers in the EU, allowing you to create ISO 9001 surveys and safely gather your feedback online.
Powerful but intuitive, the Netigate platform makes it easy to create, distribute and analyse surveys. Start from scratch or use our expertly-crafted templates, and then reach your employees on their terms.
Expert support
We offer a global solution with local support and consultancy. Our in-house experts will guide you in asking the right questions and making data-driven decisions.
Integration friendly
With Netigate API, you can build custom data integrations that will adapt to your existing workflows. This allows you to save time and work smarter by automating feedback.
Reliable data collection
Did you know Netigate did one of the largest surveys in the world with over 6.5 million respondents? That requires stability, knowledge and capacity. We offer you a robust software that you can rely on.
Powerful analytics
We provide robust analysis and actionable insights. Understand what to prioritize, we help you make data driven decisions and act on insights. It is loads of data out there, we help you make sense of the data.


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