A multitude of factors shape positive customer experiences, ranging from skilled sales and marketing teams to fair pricing, stringent quality controls, excellent customer service, and a focus on additional and after-sales services, user-friendliness, and accessibility. Nevertheless, new approaches and perspectives emerge each year. Let’s take a look at how Customer Experience trends in 2024 will shape the way you work and interact with your customers.

Customer Experience Trends 2024
What it means for you and how to optimise your Customer Journey.

Customer Experience Trends 2024

What will be relevant to you this year?

AI as clear winner

That Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning will continue to be relevant in 2024 isn’t surprising. We’ve witnessed their presence in research, surveys, chatbots, and the array of tools offered and utilised by companies across all sectors. However, with AI often being integrated and somewhat ‘invisible’. Over the past year, a multitude of exciting new developments emerged rapidly. Platforms like ChatGTP, Midjourney, Bard, and numerous others, have been made available to the wide public and have since integrated well into the way we work.

This groundbreaking technology, currently undergoing significant development, will be adopted by an increasing number of companies in the realm of customer experience in 2024. The foundational elements of a good customer journey and customer experience remain intact, but the way we enhance both the journey and the experience is evolving.

We, too, have been leveraging AI and machine learning in the background of our products for quite some time. For instance, our customers can swiftly navigate through open-text responses using Text Analysis, categorising them and identifying various patterns. Through AI, our users gain a better understanding of textual data.

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One thing is certain — the significance of an outstanding customer experience is becoming increasingly vital for successful business outcomes. Moreover, the path to achieving it must align with the choices made by our customers.

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Generative AI and Customer Experience in 2024

How can we leverage and advance Artificial Intelligence to improve Customer Experience? There are countless possibilities ahead. Although AI has existed for quite some time, we’re probably still at the beginning of fully harnessing the potential of this powerful resource.

Integrating AI with chatbots and messaging solutions in customer service is a clear path. Certainly, we expect companies to further expand in this area to create an even better Customer Experience in 2024. These AI-driven solutions hold enormous potential, ensuring more efficient customer service, among other benefits. Machine learning allows us to extract insights from previous interactions, and thus, enabling a more personalised customer experience. Could 2024 be the year when chatbots finally provide more precise and relevant responses?

Moreover, artificial intelligence is particularly helpful for dynamic marketing campaigns and for mapping customer loyalty through behaviour analysis.

Boosting Personalisation in Customer Experience for 2024

So far, we’ve witnessed a tremendous evolution in personalised marketing. That’s no secret. It’s been evident for quite some time, particularly in social media and email marketing. Initially hailed as the ultimate strategy, an overly personalised approach can now sometimes come off as ‘creepy’. However, the personalisation of customer experience doesn’t have to be annoying, overwhelming, or even negative. In 2024, it’s much more than just using variable tags like ‘Hi, First_Name‘ or an email reminder saying ‘You forgot something in your cart’.

Companies today have access to vast amounts of customer data. They can leverage this information to offer products and services that align with the customer’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle. That is to say, the enhanced use of real-time and transactional data provides companies with more opportunities. For example to provide personalised recommendations and arrangements based on previous interactions.

This strategy can lead to increased long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring a unique customer experience. The challenge for Customer Experience in 2024 lies in proceeding cautiously. This means to ensure that the use of accessible and transparent customer data adheres to privacy regulations. Finding the right balance between personalisation and data protection is crucial — after all, no one wants dissatisfied customers.

Netigate on the topic of data security

For Netigate, data protection and security are our top priorities. We are ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating that we have implemented robust processes for information security. Most importantly, we fully comply with the required legal standards. Our servers are located within the EU, and our survey tool is fully GDPR-compliant.

Emphasis on the Customer Journey

A key Customer Experience trend that we are spotlighting for 2024 is the mapping and investing in the Customer Journey. It’s becoming increasingly crucial to leverage the right tools and strategies to capture changes in customer needs and desires in a timely, if not real-time, manner.

Furthermore, we can foresee success for companies that are able to demonstrate certain flexibility. In other words, companies that can flexibly adapt to these changes, and therefore, optimise their Customer Journey to make it more relevant and valuable for their customers.

By mapping the Customer Journey, you precisely identify potential points where customers might encounter issues. The trend towards self-service is gaining more traction, with customers taking charge of a significant portion of tasks themselves. This trajectory will persist, and as a result makes it crucial for customers to encounter minimal obstacles during their purchase journey.

Listening to customers becomes increasingly essential to be more active in customer service. And this is why mapping allows you to potentially eliminate steps that aren’t necessary for a swift purchase, such as creating an account, or uncover potential hurdles like long loading times when accessing payment methods.

Amplification of Omni-channel Communication

The Customer Experience in 2024 will be more dynamic, and as a business, it’s crucial to enable customers to reach you through various avenues. After all, omni-channel experiences, interactions across different channels, continue to be highly sought after.

Customers want the flexibility to interact with companies anywhere, anytime – merely having a contact form in the website’s footer is no longer sufficient. This means companies need to enable two-way interactions seamlessly, ideally without interruptions as customers move from one channel to another.

Customer inquiries via social media

For instance, if a customer attempts to contact you on social media through a comment regarding an order issue, that interaction should be taken as seriously as a complaint submitted through the customer service ticket. It’s essential to respond officially to these comments because other (potential) customers will see these complaints, which could negatively impact your brand image and Customer Experience.

Therefore, automated ‘one-size-fits-all’ responses or worse, no response at all, should be avoided. This emphasises the importance of community management on social media, increasingly seen as part of good customer service. Addressing issues and complaints directly is key. A good response often contributes positively to the Customer Experience.

Businesses unable to provide seamless omni-channel communication might risk losing customers to competitors that excel in this area. It will be crucial to offer a consistent and high-quality Customer Experience at every touchpoint in the future.

Collect Feedback through Widgets at Every Touchpoint of Your Customer Journey

Integrating customer surveys and feedback throughout your customer experience strategy isn’t a new trend. What’s increasingly important, however, is embedding feedback options at every touchpoint.

Utilise Netigate Widgets for customer feedback seamlessly within your website. Simply create a customer survey, copy the widget code snippet, and paste it across your website — after a successful order, for instance — to ask your customers directly about their experience: Were there any particular points they found cumbersome? Did something not work as expected? Are there payment methods they wish were available?

You can also embed customer surveys on your product pages, such as ‘Do you have questions about this product?’. At the end of the survey, ask for an email address to answer these queries. Following the same principle, incorporate this question across your FAQ and support pages. A great customer experience ensures that the customer feels engaged and supported at every juncture.

Virtual und voice-based Interactions as Customer Experience Trend in 2024

The gaming and entertainment industry has long embraced AR (Augmented Reality) in its products. Unlike VR (Virtual Reality), which offers a purely artificial experience, AR is based on real images and adds virtual elements. This includes QR codes on your product pages that customers can scan to virtually place the product in their home. We have also seen companies allowing customers to try different lipstick colours or eyewear frames on their own faces. All without having to get up from their comfy couch. Life as a consumer has never been more comfortable. Most things can now be ordered with just one click (and a credit card). But it is all possible because companies keep innovating and keep putting Customer Experience at the core of what they do.

Those working on optimising their Customer Experience in 2024 will become more familiar with AR. It’s an exciting trend that will expand interaction possibilities with customers in entirely new ways.

Additionally, we will see more voice-based interactions in the future. We’re already familiar with both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and voice-based technologies will increasingly shape customer experience work. Customers will interact more through voice assistants with companies, and this technology will require further development and digital transformation in the coming years.

Netigate’s Customer Experience solution provides everything you need to work with customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. Using AI, we offer tools for text and sentiment analysis, allowing you to track and understand the impact of customer emotions at various touch points in your Customer Journey.

With Netigate’s Widgets, you can effortlessly embed tailored feedback forms and customer surveys directly on your website to receive real-time feedback from customers.

If you require guidance and further expertise for an optimised Customer Experience in 2024, our Netigate Consulting Team is more than happy to help you with your CX projects.

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