Recruitment is expensive- and can be a big drain on resources, especially with current trends in the employment market. It might seem like a good thing to get a lot of applicants for each position. However, it is almost certain that a large proportion of them will not be suitable for the job. This puts a big strain on your HR department as they sort through the applications, conduct interviews and narrow down the choices. Why not save your company a lot of time and effort, and instead try to hold on to the employees that you have?

One employee is leaving the company
There will obviously be times when you will be forced to recruit new employees, but you can minimize this by maximizing your employee retention. One of the ways of achieving this is to find out why employees are leaving. If you have recently experienced resignations, it’s worth contacting the employees in retrospect, to find out what their reasons were for leaving. It may have been as simple as a family decision to relocate, but there may be other reasons. A tyrannical middle manager, a promotion bottleneck or uncompetitive salaries are all common reasons for employees to leave, and may result in a serious staffing problem if not addressed.


Employee Exit Survey Softwares can help with these problems in the following ways:


  • Allowing you to find out the reasons for employee departure
    The beauty of online software is the convenience. You can send the survey on to your ex-employee via a link in an email, even if they have left the company.
  • Convenient to fill in
    Online surveys have an advantage where there are different time zones or working styles. Your ex-employee can fill in the survey at their leisure.
  • Impersonal (and possibly anonymous)
    An impersonal survey allows respondents to say what they really feel without fear of consequences or hurting people’s feelings.
  • Easy to analyse
    Electronic data collection leads to standardized results that can easily be analysed. This will help you to identify key areas of improvement within your company.
  • Allowing comparison
    You can check your employee exit ratings against other companies or against your own company’s past or future performance. This will also help you to assess how drastic any improvement measures need to be.


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