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Supplier Survey Guide with Template

Optimise your supply chain with Netigate supplier surveys

Supplier surveys are an essential part of supplier management:
  • to strengthen relationships between companies and their suppliers,
  • to enhance the quality and reliability of the supply chain,
  • to proactively identify potential security risks and areas for improvement,
  • to increase customer satisfaction.

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Supplier survey template

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What is a supplier survey?

With a supplier survey a company collects information from its service providers and suppliers to assess their overall performance and identify potential risks or areas for improvement. Through surveys that cover various aspects of collaboration, companies can closely examine and strengthen their business relationship with suppliers, thereby improving the overall quality of the supply chain.

Why do you need a supplier survey?

A supplier survey is an important method for gathering information about suppliers and their performance. Its primary purpose is to create or enhance transparency in the supply chain. The aim of this survey is to overall improve the collaboration between companies and suppliers. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the quality and efficiency of supplier relationships.

6 good reasons for a supplier survey

Performance assessment
A supplier survey allows companies to evaluate the performance of their suppliers. This includes aspects such as meeting delivery deadlines, the quality of delivered products and/or services, the responsiveness of the supplier, and compliance with agreements. Based on this feedback, companies can make an informed assessment.
Identification of areas for improvement
By conducting the survey, weaknesses or issues in the collaboration with suppliers can be identified. The feedback can point to potential areas for improvement, enabling the company to take action to optimise supplier relationships. This can lead to increased efficiency, cost reduction, and improved quality.
Risk management
A supplier survey helps companies identify potential risks in the supply chain. By collecting and documenting information about the financial stability, ethical standards, or environmental impact of suppliers, companies can identify risks early on. This allows them to take appropriate measures to minimise negative impacts on their own business.
Supplier selection
Companies can survey potential suppliers to gather information about their capabilities, capacities, and quality standards. Using weighted questions, multiple applicants can be quantifiably compared in various ways through this method.
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Relationship building
Regular supplier surveys promote the establishment of a long-term sustainable relationship between companies and suppliers. By providing a feedback mechanism, companies and suppliers can collaborate more closely to achieve common goals.
Cost optimisation
Supplier surveys can help identify potential cost-saving opportunities. For example, prices, discounts, payment terms, and other contract terms can be compared directly. These can be renegotiated if necessary to obtain better conditions, thus optimising costs.

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Everything you need for a successful supplier survey

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Who needs a supplier survey?

Procurement department
Lieferantenbefragung für die Einkaufsabteilung
Procurement department
The procurement department of companies are often responsible for selecting and evaluating suppliers. A supplier survey can assist the procurement team in collecting both objective data about the suppliers and external feedback. Based on this data, they can choose the best suppliers.
Supply Chain Managers
Lieferantenbefragung für Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Managers
In complex supply chains involving multiple suppliers, supplier surveys can help monitor and continuously improve the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain. This allows for optimal planning and coordination throughout the entire supply chain, especially when surveys are sent and analysed regularly.
Quality Assurance Teams
Lieferantenbefragung für Qualitätskontrolle und Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Assurance Teams
Companies with high-quality standards can use supplier surveys to ensure that their suppliers meet these standards. By surveying suppliers, potential quality issues can be identified and addressed to ensure customer satisfaction.
Lieferantenbefragung für Unternehmen
Companies that regularly source products and/or services from suppliers can conduct supplier surveys to consistently assess their suppliers' performance. This can help improve the quality of the products and/or services received and identify potential issues or bottlenecks early on.
Industry associations
Lieferantenbefragung für Branchenverbände
Industry associations
Industry associations can regularly conduct supplier surveys to gain an overview of supplier performance within the industry. The collected data can serve as the basis for benchmark analysis, helping associations identify best practices. This way, industry associations can assist their members in finding and selecting the best suppliers.
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What does the supplier survey template include?

In the supplier survey template, general aspects of cooperation are assessed, including cooperation with the company, quality of services, business relationship, order processing and behaviour towards suppliers and service providers. The following section assesses general satisfaction with specific aspects, including company communication, company processes, contract management, control measures or process controls and the availability and provision of important information. Finally, suppliers are given the opportunity to provide additional feedback to optimise future collaboration. You can customise this free template to your specific requirements and needs by adding, removing, or modifying questions. This template serves as a guideline and simplifies the process of creating a supplier survey.

How does the supplier survey differ from the supplier self-assessment?

The supplier survey and the supplier self-assessment both collect information from suppliers, but pursue different goals. A supplier survey is a targeted survey to optimise processes. The company asks a series of questions to the supplier in order to obtain information about various aspects of the cooperation, such as quality, reliability, delivery times, customer service, etc. The supplier is then asked a number of questions. The supplier survey gives you valuable feedback to evaluate supplier performance and optimise your own processes. In contrast, the Supplier Self-Assessment is a questionnaire that the supplier fills out to provide information about their company, performance, certifications, experience, references and more. Often the self-assessment is used for the first assessment of a new supplier. The choice between the two approaches often depends on your specific requirements. With Netigate's Supplier Self-Assessment template, you can directly apply and send both to your suppliers.
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Successful supplier surveys with Netigate

With Netigate, small and medium sized businesses as well as large companies can quickly and easily create, customise and send surveys to suppliers to get valuable feedback. With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create supplier surveys from scratch or start directly with our templates. With multiple language options and delivery options, such as email, login lists, SMS and even local to terminals, you can reach your suppliers wherever it suits them best. Netigate's flexibility allows you to customise specific questions for each industry to gain meaningful insights. The data analytics and reporting capabilities help companies improve the customer experience and take effective, data-based actions to optimise processes. In addition, Netigate helps companies automate the survey process, which saves time and resources. Netigate also helps companies automate the survey process, which saves time and resources. Netigate's local support ensures that companies always receive professional assistance in case of questions or problems.

Why choose Netigate for your supplier surveys?

Secure & DSGVO compliant
Your sensitive feedback data is safe with us, because data security is our top priority. We meet the requirements of the DSGVO and have servers in Germany. This means that you can create surveys according to ISO 9001 and securely collect your suppliers' feedback online.
Support from experts
We offer a global solution with local support and advice. Our in-house experts help you ask the right questions and make data-driven decisions for your supplier surveys.
Everything you need
With the powerful and intuitive survey tool, you can easily create, distribute and analyse surveys of all kinds. Create your own supplier survey or use our professionally designed templates to best reach your target groups.
Simple Integration
With the Netigate API, you can create custom data integrations that adapt to your existing workflows. By automating your surveys, you can save time and work more efficiently.
Reliable data collection
Did you know that Netigate has conducted one of the largest surveys in the world with over 6.5 million respondents? That requires stability, knowledge and capacity. We offer you stable software that you can rely on even for advanced supplier feedback projects.
Powerful analysis
With our survey tool, you get in-depth analysis and actionable insights. We help you make data-driven decisions with confidence from the rich data.

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A supplier survey template is a ready-made survey that companies can use to conduct a supplier survey. The template contains targeted questions that are relevant for assessing performance and cooperation with suppliers.

The template can cover various topics, such as the quality of products and/or services, cooperation and communication, reliability in delivery, compliance with conditions or contracts, customer service and much more.
The questions asked in a supplier survey template can vary depending on the specific needs and priorities of the company or department.
Here are some examples:

- How would you rate the cooperation with our company?
- How satisfied are you with the communication and interaction with our team?
- How would you rate the quality of the products/services we deliver?
- Have there been any problems with product quality or fulfilment of requirements in the past? If so, how were these dealt with?
- How would you describe the general business relationship with our company?
- How satisfied are you with the agreed contractual terms and payment modalities?
- How efficient is the order processing from our side?
- Do we meet the agreed delivery dates and requirements?
- How do you rate our conduct and cooperation with you as a supplier?
- How transparent and fair is our communication and interaction with you?
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