Modern companies with an interest in their employees’ welfare and progress usually have what is called a Voice of Employee programme. This means that there are various well-defined channels through which employees can communicate with management on various topics. These may include the working environment, tools, training, or the performance of peers or superiors. It is helpful to have digital means of communication, as this provides anonymity (when necessary), as well as accessibility. Since it removes the need to set up an appointment with a supervisor.

A Voice of Employee programme can include:


There are various online companies who provide software to support a voice of employee programme. These software packages may be installable on company computers or simply made accessible online. The advantages of online software include the consolidation of results, anonymity, security and ease of access. Employees can log in from home or while traveling in order to stay in touch with ongoing company processes and add their voice to relevant debates.

It is also much easier to analyse the results, as the best providers will offer access to graphs, diagrams and other graphic and intuitive means of displaying results. This greatly helps with their presentation in meetings or when extracting valuable and effective information from the results.

Voice of employee


When it comes to finding the right software for your company, you can begin with a standard Google search. However, as with most basic searches, results can often be confusing and yield little real information so a comparison site could be a good port of call. This will allow you to compare various software providers according to certain criteria. For some companies, cost might be the most important factor whereas for you it could be customizability or availability of support. Most comparison providers allow you to filter the results according to the factors that are important to you.

An effective Voice of employee programme can help you to increase employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity. You can also improve employee retention, both by enhancing job satisfaction among current employees and by implementing an employee exit survey to discover and understand the main reasons for staff to leave you.

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