Successful companies have proved time and time again that the surest way to the top is to place the customers at the centre of everything you do. You can only improve by listening to your customers. At the same time implement the necessary changes to stay ahead of trends and tastes.

Image shows the a person completing the Voice of Customer Form on a laptop at a desk.

However, this is easier said than done. The first challenge is to provide your customers with a voice. This means that you need a voice of customer form program made up of various channels through which your customers can communicate with you.

Here are some of the most common types of customer voice:

The customer satisfaction form
Use this form to gauge how satisfied customers are with your products and/or services. It may be sent out at any time but the most common time to use this type of form is after a few interactions with a customer.

Customer service forms
After a customer has contacted your customer service, you need to know their opinion. How well did your service agents handle the issue? Did the customer get the help that they needed? As customer service may be one of the only points of personal contact between you and your customers. Therefore you need to make sure that it is a positive experience.

Net promoter score
Nowadays a very common way to assess and also quantify customer opinion, based on how likely the customer would be to recommend you to others. An extremely short form consisting of one question and a follow-up. A good way to benchmark yourself against others in the industry and compare performance over years.

Customer churn surveys
When a customer leaves you (or “churns”), it is worth finding out why they chose to switch suppliers. Although it may not always be possible, gaining this information can be invaluable in holding onto your remaining customers.

Customer feedback
General forms for customer feedback may be available on your website or sent out after various interactions. Although general feedback is always useful, it may also be pertinent to create specialised feedback surveys to assess certain aspects of your customer relations.

Despite the range of voice of customer form, they all have one thing in common; nowadays, they are all most likely to be conducted online – the most convenient set-up for both you and your customers.

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