Employee satisfaction is really what the name suggests:

How satisfied or happy your employees with their jobs and their working environment?

This is usually measured with an employee satisfaction survey that covers the basic needs and concerns of the employees. These surveys look at areas such as compensation, workload, teamwork, employees’ perception of the management, resources and more.

These are all important areas to a company that wants to keep its employees happy and thus reduce turnover. But it is not only the company that benefits from measuring employee satisfaction — the employees do, too. They get to make their voice heard and also feel that they are important to the company and that their opinion matters.

Some companies bring in consultants to conduct employee satisfaction surveys and they are often anonymous so that the employees can feel free to be completely honest without worrying about reprisals from their managers or colleagues.

There are a number of factors that contribute to employee satisfaction.

When employers treat employees with respect, get regular recognition for their hard work. In addition get benefits and compensations, and have positive management. They are usually very happy with their employer and thus put in more effort to make your business successful. If compared to those who are not happy with their job and work environment.

Once you have identified the areas where the employees are not so happy, you are able to do something about it, to make some adjustments. The changes don’t always have to be big and costly; employees usually greatly appreciate small gestures like free coffee and hot chocolate and a water fountain. Or perhaps a customized workstation where the employee gets to pick his or her own décor and/or equipment?

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What are the benefits?

When you have a high level of employee satisfaction, some of the benefits include:

  • fewer employees leave your business for new positions with other companies
  • experienced employees stay longer, which keeps the costs for hiring and training new staff down. While ensuring that productivity remains constant, as opposed to the dip in productivity dips that comes with training new employees
  • it is easier to fill open positions within your company as you have a reputation as a good employer and people have interest in working for you

It is expensive to hire and train new employees, so make an effort to keep employee satisfaction high and thereby keeping employee turnover low.

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