When is it smart to use a Voice of Employee survey?

A Voice of Employee (VoE) survey presents a different perspective on employee research from the typical, standard surveys. Standard techniques help you determine how many employees hold certain attitudes. Or if there is a statistically significant difference in attitude between the company’s departments. This is all good and, depending on the purpose of your survey, it may even be enough. Perhaps you just want to find out how many are in favour of getting a vending machine; with soft drinks and snacks in addition to the coffee machine. Or how many prefer to have bottled water instead of a water fountain on every floor. Then this kind of enumerative research is exactly what you need!

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The Voice of Employee surveys perspective

Voice of Employee (VoE) research has a different approach. Using VoE software is the only research method that identifies what really matters to your employees, which is also what most organisations are interested in. With this kind of survey, executives find that their questions have been answered. As opposed to the traditional survey that only tells you “how many” and not “why”.

If your employees feel that they are overlooked, undervalued and not appreciated enough they will start looking for another employer soon enough. Let your employees make their voices heard with a VoE survey! Find out their opinions and get insight into what is really important to your staff with a Voice of Employee form. Where you can ask their opinion on anything from your leadership to the food in the cafeteria to the yearly Christmas party.

Here are some ideas for employee surveys you could conduct with Netigate’s services:

  • Job satisfaction survey: with this kind of survey you get to heart of your staff’s overall mood and satisfaction. When you have an understanding of your staff’s perceptions you can make the necessary changes to ensure a positive working environment rather than a not-so-positive one.
  • Employee engagement survey: are your employees committed to your company or do they show up because you offer free coffee and they don’t have another employer yet? When you have passionate and engaging employees your business is more efficient, creative and profitable. Encourage the already loyal employees and try to motivate the disengaged ones into becoming assets to the company.
  • Exit interview survey: Let’s face it: sooner or later your hires will leave. With this survey you find out why your employees quit and how you can keep the most valuable ones.